Parenting Coordination

Parenting Coordination (PC) is a child-focused dispute resolution process that combines parent education, dispute assessment, facilitated negotiations, conflict and communication management, and recommendations or decision making on issues specified by the court.

Parenting Coordination is ideal for high conflict families that need ongoing, structured, accessible, oversight of specific issues for a specified period of time.

Parenting Coordination focuses on the children’s needs and best interests and promotes optimal adjustment. Parenting Coordination de-escalates parental conflict and shields children from exposure. 

Parenting Coordination is useful for:
High Conflict Families needing quick dispute resolution and skills-based coaching to prevent future conflicts.

Families with Criteria-Based Residential plans needing monitoring, compliance assessment, coordination of professionals, and implementation of increases/decreases in residential time.

Families with Parent-Child Contact Problems needing monitoring, assessment, coordination of professionals, and adjustments to parent-child contact.

Highly Anxious Families needing reassurance/ready assistance through compliance monitoring, quick dispute resolution, and skills-based coaching.

Please schedule a consultation with me to determine if Parenting Coordination Services are right for your family.